About the Project

SolariumNFT was made to introduce more beauty to the procedural NFT space.
SolariumNFT is a procedurally generated art project containing 1,111 floral pieces to collect.
Our project is different from other generative projects in that each piece is generated using RNG and built from scratch on top of a base, making them completely unique.

Technicality and mathematics are at the core of our flowers.
Your SolariumNFT will be alive in your wallet, actively spinning, eternally.
For the art collector of Solana.

We believe that this project should be community lead, allowing holders to vote on the direction and developments of the project.
After mint our focus will be on finalising the charity donation & upscaling our team.
The next project element to go in to development is a Pollination mechanic.
You can stay up to date on the project developments and participate in votes by following on Twitter & joining the Discord.